Tedis Ukraine


    18 june 2018

    In the course of the International Conference Food – Master 2018, TEDIS Ukraine participated in the category of the National Awards Made in Ukraine 2018. 

    18 may 2018

    10th Jubilee Forum of HR Directors 2018

    9 march 2018

    How can one make Ukrainian job market accessible and appealing for graduates and young specialists? Where will a student find a job after getting a degree? These matters are of concern for students, their parents and the society in general. 

    16 november 2017

    The Sixth Futsal Championship of TEDIS Ukraine Held

    15 september 2017

    Reunion of Graduates of “SHMEL” Efficient Management and Leadership School

    11 may 2017

    TEDIS Ukraine Transferred UAH 331 mio to the Ukrainian Budget

    21 april 2017

    Ownership Structure of TEDIS Ukraine

    12 april 2017

    TEDIS Ukraine Denies Accusations Brought Against It

    3 april 2017

    In the light of the current events on the Ukraine’ tobacco market, foreign holders of a considerable share of the Ukrainian company TEDIS Ukraine Richard Duxbury and Richard Dorian Fenhalls addressed to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko and the Miniser of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov in order to protect the foreign investors’ interests and their business in Ukraine.

    31 march 2017

    In connection with the situation, as it has developed around TEDIS Ukraine company, we believe it necessary to communicate the following. All accusations leveled against the company have no grounds whatsoever.

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