10th Jubilee Forum of HR Directors 2018

18 may 2018
Tedis Ukraine

More than 150 HR Directors and Top Managers took part in the Forum. Hot topics of leadership, motivation, training and development were brought up.

TEDIS Ukraine was represented by Iryna Ivasiuk, Director of the HR Management Department. She covered an important topic in human resources management – Personnel Involvement in the Period of Turbulence for Skeptics, or How Not to Kill the Magic”.

Iryna Ivasiuk told about the elements of formation of the corporate culture at a company, creation of its unique DNA, about the importance of the level of satisfaction and the degree of involvement of employees at different stages of development of the company.

In her presentation the speaker presented a number of practical recommendations for increasing the level of personnel involvement at a company, including: formation of a focus group, work with root causes of dissatisfaction of employees, a change implementation plan and mandatory feedback.


“We continue working with our drivers – heads of regional business units, because without their involvement, without their understanding of the importance of personnel development, we wouldn’t be able to achieve anything,” Iryna Ivasiuk summed up her speech.

As an example of efficient work with heads of regional business units she presented a video about a reunion of graduates of “SHMEL” Efficient Management and Leadership School.