A fifth winner of TEDIS Ukraine indoor soccer championship emerges

28 september 2016
Tedis Ukraine

The final tournament of TEDIS Ukraine fifth indoor soccer championship was held in Kyiv on 24 September, 2016. The first place went to the team of the Dnipropetrovsk regional subdivision who defeated their colleagues from Zaporizhia in the final combat with a score of 5:1. It can be named a combat of champions as the team from Dnipro is the winner of a fourth championship and the team from Zaporizhia is the bearer of TEDIS Ukraine third championship gold trophies.

The match for the third place between the teams from Kyiv and from Nova Kakhovka revealed the best. The «bronze» was won by the team of the capital regional subdivision and the head office. Eight teams altogether competed in the final matches of the tournament. Besides the teams mentioned, TEDIS Ukraine employees from such cities as Melitopol, Ternopil, Kharkiv, Kramatorsk, and Chernivtsi represented their offices. The teams of all 35 regional subdivisions of the company could apply for entry into regional qualifying rounds. Twenty-five teams from various cities of Ukraine took part in the qualifying rounds of TEDIS Ukraine fifth championship. The tournament was held according to the «Olympic system» and professional referees umpired the competitions.

The tradition of holding the indoor soccer championship in TEDIS Ukraine annually goes back to 2012. It was initiated by employees of regional structural subdivisions. The company’s management supported the idea and the tournament turned into a real internal team-building event, though it originally used to be a mere corporate sports activity. The company congratulates the winners and thanks all the participants for their will to win. The company offers its special thanks to all the fans who supported and inspired their teams.