Official statement of TEDIS Ukraine

31 march 2017
In connection with the situation, as it has developed around TEDIS Ukraine company, we believe it necessary to communicate the following. All accusations leveled against the company have no grounds whatsoever.

TEDIS Ukraine is one of the largest Ukrainian distributors carrying out its activities in the territory of Ukraine in line with Ukrainian laws. The company is among the largest taxpayers of the country and is a major contributor to the state budget in a number region of Ukraine. The company provides official employment for more than 2.5 thousand Ukrainians.

TEDIS Ukraine is a transparent company, open to cooperation with all government institutions. From the moment of its establishment, the company has been carrying out its activities solely in a legal framework and builds the business, generating a considerable part of tax revenues to the budget of Ukraine.

There are neither Russian companies, nor citizens of Russia among direct or indirect owners of TEDIS Ukraine. Owners of TEDIS Ukraine are individuals – citizens of Ukraine and the United Kingdom.