Tedis Ukraine


    25 may 2016

    Trading company «Megapolis-Ukraine» begins its new stage of a development of the company from a large-scale rebranding and announces the name change to «TEDIS Ukraine» LLC. The decision to rebrand was taken as a result of systemic and structural changes that have been undergoing in the company over the last year. Rebranding is the last stage of these changes that will take several months. On May 24, 2016 the new name of the company was registered in the respective state authorities of Ukraine.

    27 april 2016

    Trading company «Megapolis-Ukraine» announces results of socially responsible operation for January-March 2016. Company acts within the limits of legislation framework and is one of the largest tax payers in Ukraine. All current payment obligations are settled by «Megapolis-Ukraine» in time and in full amount.

    2 march 2016

    According to the annual rating of the “Business” magazine, based on the results of 2015, Trading company «Megapolis-Ukraine» entered the list of the largest taxpayers of Ukraine. In the ranking of the largest corporate income taxpayers «Megapolis-Ukraine» took 17th place (UAH 265 mln). Also, in the ranking of the largest taxpayers in terms of collection of tax revenues to the Consolidated budget – 26th place reaching UAH 1.47 bln .

    29 february 2016

    In February 2016, «Megapolis-Ukraine» Trading Company became an official member of the European Business Association (EBA). Joining the Association was a giant step on the way to further development of an effective company, of increasing transparency and predictability of the tobacco market of Ukraine. 

    2 february 2016

    «Megapolis-Ukraine» Trading Company contributed 1 bln. 560 mln. UAH in taxes and revenues to the budgets of various levels in 2015. Of the sum, 1 bln. 415 mln. was contributed to the state budget, 55 mln. to local budgets and 88 mln. to the budgets of the Social Security Fund and the Pension Fund of Ukraine (unified social tax).

    30 december 2015

    «Megapolis-Ukraine» Trading Company has been named as the fifth in the Ukrainian market sector by the HAY Group Best Companies for Leadership survey. The top ten also includes such companies as Procter&Gamble, McDonald’s, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Danone, DTEK, Mars Inc, Interpipe, AB Inbev.

    2 december 2015

    On 1 December, 2015, «Megapolis-Ukraine» Trading Company took part in the «HeadHunter Ukraine» concluding conference dedicated to presenting the annual independent HR-BRAND AWARD. Here, the company made itself known due to its projects «The Company’s Philosophy. Corporate Values» and «Forming the Culture and Developing the Leadership of the Company».

    3 november 2015

    «Megapolis-Ukraine» sums up «For Clean Ukraine!» environmental campaign.

    «For Clean Ukraine!» social and environmental campaign was conducted in the October of 2015. It consisted in cleaning green belts and in beautification of the landscape in 14 cities of the country. The initiative was supported by 315 employees of the company who altogether collected and removed more than 400 sacks of garbage. «Let’s make the world around us cleaner!» was the slogan of the campaign.

    13 october 2015

    In 2015, the Legal Department of «Megapolis-Ukraine» Trading Company took part in the «50 Leading Legal Departments» survey for the first time. According to the results of the survey announced on 13 October the Legal Service of «Megapolis-Ukraine» is one of the TOP-50 legal departments of Ukraine. 

    6 october 2015

    An annual meeting of «SCHMEL» corporate school of management and effective leadership graduates was held in Odesa on 7 September, 2015. Twenty-nine graduates of 2013 attended the meeting. The first graduates were mainly heads of regional structural subdivisions who in due course set up branches of the corporate school in their native cities. Within the framework of the meeting the graduates developed a strategic plan for the development of the “SCHMEL” school, exchanged experience and communicated with one another in the relaxing atmosphere. The participants pointed out that the atmosphere at the meeting was especially warm and that their impressions were unforgettable.

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