TEDIS Ukraine HR-team passes PPA international certification

10 october 2016
Tedis Ukraine

TEDIS Ukraine HR-team passes PPA international certification – the Thomas Hendrickson Personal Profile Analysis. Thirteen HR-experts from TEDIS Ukraine got their profile analysis, assessment and forecast of their competencies. Every participant received a corresponding report and had an opportunity to discuss the results at the meeting with an expert of Jansen Capital Management Consulting Company.

PPA international certification is an important tool of building HR business processes in accordance with the best world practices. The programme is based on the theory proposed by the great psychologist William Moulton Marston who invented the «lie detector». The system is a set of unique tests allowing to assess an individual’s business and professional competencies, to reveal the employees’ behavioral preferences in terms of achieving particular results. The PPA report is intended for assistance in recruiting and developing the staff.

«Every member of our team has separately passed a profiling test – a practical assessment of an individual’s biosocial response to workplace situations. The results we have got are interesting for us personally and useful for the company. We are grateful to Jansen Capital Management for this opportunity», said Iryna Ivasiuk, head of the Human Resources Department at TEDIS Ukraine.

We would like to remind our readers that Iryna Ivasiuk got a free PPA certificate from Jansen Capital Management, a prominent management consultancy, having made the best report «Orienteering in the Field. How not to Become a Misunderstood HR» at the Fourth International HR-Experts Forum «HR Wisdom Summit».