TEDIS Ukraine is recurrently among the largest companies of the country

13 october 2016
Tedis Ukraine

TEDIS Ukraine Company is ranked the 3rd by editorial board in its major rating of «Ratings of the largest. 500 largest manufacturing companies of Ukraine» (issue #4, August-September 2016). The rating was completed on the basis of Ukrainian companies’ financial results in 2015. Two thousand companies from various spheres of economy were included into more than 140 industrial ratings.

The periodical pays special attention to wholesale and retail spheres as they account for 17% of Ukrainian GDP. Trade is the major activity for six of the ten largest Ukrainian companies including TEDIS Ukraine. Wholesale and (where possible) retail ratings were added to all branches of industry without any exception in order to show logistical chains of movement of goods to their consumer. For the tobacco market this chain looks as follows: producers – distributors – retailers.

The net revenue of TEDIS Ukraine was 37.7 bln. UAH in 2015 which is almost 18% more than last year. In the rating of «The largest companies by their net revenue» TEDIS Ukraine is the 15th. Also, the company is at the top of «The rating of the largest» (tobacco products wholesale business).

It is worth mentioning that for several years in a row TEDIS Ukraine has been one of the largest taxpayers. According to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the company is ranked 35th among the largest taxpayers to the consolidated budget of Ukraine in the first six months of 2016. TEDIS Ukraine has contributed 649.43 mln. UAH for the six months of the year, and in 2015 it contributed 1.5 bln. UAH to budgets of various levels.