TEDIS Ukraine paid more than UAH 1 milliard taxes since the beginning of the year

21 october 2016
Tedis Ukraine

The distribution company TEDIS Ukraine, which in the first half of the current year was included to the list of major tax payers according to the report of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, bottom lined the results of its socially responsible activities for the period from January to September of the year 2016.


Within said period the Company transferred UAH 1,068 milliard of taxes and dues to budgets of various levels. The greater part of that amount, UAH 975 million, was received by the state treasury as part of such payments as income tax, VAT and
excise duty in various regions of Ukraine. More than UAH 40 million was transferred as a payment of the unified social tax. Within 9 months of the year 2016 TEDIS Ukraine paid UAH 51.4 million to local budgets, which amount exceeds the indices of the same period in the previous year by almost one third. In general, the state treasury receives nearly UAH 4 million of taxes from operation of TEDIS Ukraine every day.


«We are strongly convinced that corporate responsibility, in the first place, consists in timely and full payment of taxes and dues. TEDIS Ukraine carries out transparent activities and traditionally is one of the major tax payers to budgets of various levels. Nothing but ensuring of tax discipline will propel the domestic economy to a new level. Therefore we try to change the situation for the better both in the industry scale and above it by personal example» - Andrii Shvyryda, Director of the Finance Department of TEDIS Ukraine, emphasizes.