TEDIS Ukraine paid over 1.5 billion hryvnias taxes in 2016

19 january 2017
Tedis Ukraine
TEDIS Ukraine company contributed 1 bln. 517 mln. UAH to the budgets of all levels within the 12 months of 2016. Of the sum, 74 mln. UAH was contributed to local budgets and 61 mln. UAH to the budgets of the Social Security Fund and the Pension Fund of Ukraine.
The largest amount of 895 mln. UAH was allocated to the unified state budget of Ukraine as excise taxes. The company’s tax «basket» is also made up of the income tax, the value added tax, the wage-earners’ income tax, the military duties, etc. We would like to remind our readers that TEDIS Ukraine contributed 1 bln. 560 mln. UAH to the state budget in 2015. Namely, the company paid 765 mln. UAH excise taxes within the period.
«The tobacco sector contributes the lion's share to the state budget of Ukraine year after year. A steady growth of tax revenue derived from this market is evidence of its players’ honesty and of its optimum structure. Our company has consistently supported transparency and controllability of the sector. That is why it is of vital importance for us to pay taxes promptly and to the fullest extent in the future», said the director of TEDIS Ukraine Ivan Bey.