TEDIS Ukraine rated 35th in TOP-100 major taxpayers of Ukraine

8 november 2016
Tedis Ukraine

TEDIS Ukraine, a distribution company, took the 35th place in the rating of the biggest taxpayers of the country by the results 3 quarter 2016. The edition, printed with the support of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, «Vistnyk. Rating» (issue No. 4 of 10/2016), published the names of top hundred major taxpayers to the unified budget of Ukraine as of October 1, 2016.


According to issue, within 9 months of 2016 the unified budget of Ukraine received UAH 367 milliard, the amount of UAH 161 milliard of which were paid by 100 companies, indicated in the rating of major taxpayers. TEDIS Ukraine transferred UAH 1.068 milliard of taxes and dues to budgets of all levels for this period. UAH 975 million from them company sent as income tax, VAT and tobacco tax in different provinces of Ukraine. The amount of more than UAH 40 million were transferred as the unified social tax.


Last year the treasury received UAH 270 milliard for the same period, UAH 108 milliard of which provided TOP-100 companies, major taxpayers. TEDIS Ukraine, in particular, transferred UAH 1.5 milliard of taxes and dues to the budgets of all levels in 2015.


«TEDIS Ukraine since the beginning of its establishment is guided by the unshakable rule of responsibility to the country and society. With the development of our company, its tax payment grew too. Fair fulfillment of our tax liabilities allowed the company to become a permanent member of the ratings of the largest taxpayers and to gain status of budget-founder in some areas» - says Andrii Shvyryda, Director of the Finance Department of TEDIS Ukraine.