TEDIS Ukraine sums up «For Clean Ukraine!» environmental campaign

10 june 2016
Tedis Ukraine

TEDIS Ukraine sums up «For Clean Ukraine!» annual environmental campaign that aims at cleaning up the environment. This year, 418 employees of the company participated in the campaign; they cleaned and beautified green belts of 22 cities of Ukraine. This initiative is one of numerous projects within the framework of TEDIS Ukraine corporate social responsibility.

In every city action teams fixed their territory for cleaning. Most often they chose recreational areas which are in dire need for cleaning. Namely, a Kyiv park in the vicinity of the Kyiv regional subdivision was cleaned and John Paul II Park was beautified in Lviv. Due to the efforts of employees who took part in the cleaning, 738 sacks of garbage were collected altogether.

«Employees of all departments of our regional structural subdivision, except those who were working on the route, gathered together to take part in the cleaning campaign. We were very enthusiastic about the process because clean environment is everybody’s responsibility», one of the campaigners from the Melitopol RSS shares impressions.