TEDIS Ukraine Transferred UAH 331 mio to the Ukrainian Budget

11 may 2017
Tedis Ukraine

TEDIS Ukraine transferred UAH 331.82 mio. of taxes and dues to budgets of various levels for the first quarter of the year 2017. That is 10% more than the amount paid by the company for the similar period of the year 2016.

For the period from January to March of the current year, local budget received UAH 221.53 mio of the excise duty from TEDIS Ukraine. The company also paid UAH 77.98 mio. of value-added tax and UAH 15,77 mio. of the individual income tax for its employees. TEDIS Ukraine transferred UAH 14.42 mio. to the budgets of the Social Security Fund and Pension Fund of Ukraine (Unified Social Tax).

“TEDIS Ukraine is one of the systemically important companies of FMCG market, as evidenced by the amounts of tax payments, invariably generated by the company as a result of its activities. Unhindered functioning of the company is the guarantee of high budget revenues and a key to stability of Ukrainian economy,” Andrii Shvyryda, Director of the Finance Department of TEDIS Ukraine, reports.

The company is one of the largest taxpayers in Ukraine and carries out its activities solely within the framework of applicable laws. The total number of employees of TEDIS Ukraine is 2,600.